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Advertising Rates

Print media
Florida Commercial
(for 2 months)
Florida Homes
(for 1 full month)
Vacation Properties
(for 2 months)
Full page
$590 $520
$980 $880
Half page
$680 $580
1/4 page
$480 $380
Premium positions
Front cover
$500 $400
Back cover
Inside Front cover
Inside Back cover
Please call for special rates and available for Premium positions.
Ad Submission
Feb-Mar: 1/15
Apr-May: 3/15
Jun-Jul: 5/15
Aug-Sep: 7/15
Oct-Nov: 9/15
Dec-Jan: 11/15
The 15th of the previous month
Jan-Feb: 12/15
Mar-Apr: 2/15
May-Jun: 4/15
Jul-Aug: 6/15
Sep-Oct: 8/15
Nov-Dec: 10/15

Online Multimedia Advertising
  • Special Highlights
    For placement in Special Highlights, usually displayed boldly on the top right corner, only $100 more per year than the Selected Markets section but your photo is displayed outstandingly.
  • Featured Properties
    With only $50 more per year than our gold member, one of your properties will be located and displayed in a noticeable position.
  • Selected Markets, Market Center, Real Estate Services, Mortgage Center, Foreclosure Center ($98 a year)
    To vitalize the current distressed real estate market, we are prepared to assist the Realtors and developers and related service providers by providing the overall most cost effective and strongest marketing tool.

    Basic Member: Advertise here and bring buyers to your website for only $58 a year (regular rate $198 a year).
    Gold Member: For only $198, you will receive a user id and password to display all your listings (regular rate of $498 a year).

Take advantage of the special rates by mailing your information and we will do the rest and guide you. Please include your website name along with company name, phone, email and check payable to:
     Florida Real Estate Magazines
     8635 Commodity Circle, Ste 100
     Orlando, FL 32819
     Tel: 407-226-2288